Young person-Identity

Understanding Challenges in Self-Image and Acceptance

Embracing Imperfections in a World of Comparisons

It can feel pretty tough to look around you and wonder to yourself how other people seem to be so ‘sorted’, so secure in how they are and how they look, what career path they’ve chosen to take, how happy they seem in their relationships and comfortable in their own skin. 

But it is actually more the case that lots of us feel this way at some point in our lives. I have had a lot of experience working with young people who have had struggles with their place in the world, from issues of sexuality, gender, race, to aspects of neurodivergence and feeling seen and accepted in the world.

Navigating Social Media's Impact on Self-Worth and Comparison

So maybe some of your feelings are quite complex and you don’t necessarily understand your emotional responses to things. It could be that there are some aspects of your past that you haven’t had the opportunity to process and you feel now that the time is right to start unpicking them as you feel that their influence could be impacting your present-day life.

Maybe it feels that the time is right to build some boundaries so that you can protect yourself from triggers. Or are you someone whose previous relationships haven’t worked out and you have blamed yourself for that?  Maybe there are reasons you have picked individuals who share a trait which isn’t good for you but you keep going back to it because it feels familiar and there is a comfort in that.

Understanding the motivations beneath the behaviours can free you from repeating self-damaging patterns as you move into the future. And sometimes identifying the judgement and shame that we can all carry within ourselves can be the catalyst to start the acceptance process. 

Self-Discovery in Challenging Times

 It might also be that the impact of COVID has affected how you feel about the world and your place in it, that when COVID was very much here, it was during formative years in your personal development and you feel that you have missed out on key moments that older generations have enjoyed.

 Much of the therapeutic work starts with looking at what you know about yourself, the messages you have received from others over the years, and working out what feels true for you and learning to accept who you are and how to then work towards directing efforts into developing that true sense of personal identity, always at your pace and when you feel ready.

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