Better understanding of self

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery

A Path to Inner-Contentment and Personal Freedom

If you have come to counselling because you want to gain a better understanding of yourself, I can help you to work towards your goal. Inner-contentment can only happen if there is a deeper self-awareness and acceptance of that awareness. To understand yourself better requires looking at the parts of yourself contained within your own feelings, your character, your strengths, your weaknesses. 

Being armed with a greater understanding of self opens up the possibility of having more agency and control in your life so that you can create opportunity which would have been closed off to you before; in essence a new type of personal freedom.

Exploring Emotions, Boundaries, and Self-Compassion

So maybe some of your feelings are quite complex and you don’t necessarily understand your emotional responses to things. It could be that there are some aspects of your past that you haven’t had the opportunity to process and you feel now that the time is right to start unpicking them as you feel that their influence could be impacting your present-day life.

Maybe it feels that the time is right to build some boundaries so that you can protect yourself from triggers. Or are you someone whose previous relationships haven’t worked out and you have blamed yourself for that?  Maybe there are reasons you have picked individuals who share a trait which isn’t good for you but you keep going back to it because it feels familiar and there is a comfort in that.

Understanding the motivations beneath the behaviours can free you from repeating self-damaging patterns as you move into the future. And sometimes identifying the judgement and shame that we can all carry within ourselves can be the catalyst to start the acceptance process. 

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change"

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