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The Transformative Power of Therapy

When people first some to therapy it is quite common to wonder how talking about a personal difficulty can really help to make things better. Afterall, when you talk to family and friends it is sometimes great to share but you don’t necessarily feel that the issue is resolved. 

The difference with talking to a therapist is that they have trained for years, have been through a lot of therapy themselves as part of that extensive training, to not only hold a confidential space for you to explore your feelings but actively listen without judgement, with empathy and without potential to respond emotionally to what you are saying.

The Person-Centred Approach to Counseling

I am a person-centred counsellor which means that I put you the client at the heart of your own therapy. The approach is non-directional which allows space for you to explore in whichever direction feels most pressing in any given moment. 

I act as a facilitator in that process, helping to unearth the more hidden aspects in a safely held way, maybe sometimes gently challenging long-held self-damaging or self-limiting views, ultimately hopefully always helping you to realise at your own pace what feels right and acceptable for you. I have experience with other modes of therapy and occasionally I might suggest we try differing approaches but always with your agreement and consent.

Respectful and Empowering Therapy: Unleashing Your Unique Strengths and Journey"

I will always treat you with respect, compassion and dignity, enabling you to recognise and develop your strengths and abilities, helping you towards achieving the goals you have set for yourself. The relationship between myself and you will be key to enabling trust and therefore the foundations for achievable therapeutic outcomes.

The main consideration for me when I work with clients therapeutically is that we as humans are all so different, diverse and so unique yet all possess the potential to achieve whatever our own individual definitions of success or healing are. We all want different things for ourselves. I will therefore always meet you at your level of readiness rather than trying to force your healing journey too quickly or even in the wrong direction.

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