Loss and Bereavement

Embracing Complex Emotions and Finding Hope

Finding Meaning in Loss

There are many ways we can feel loss and bereavement and they are not always necessarily connected to death, although death can be a topic that features in many aspects of therapy. Much of the work I do in my practice centres around aspects of loss, for example, the loss of someone through death, the loss of relationship, the loss of a dream, the loss of youth, the loss of identity, the loss of a career, the loss of hope and sometimes faith. 

Whichever form it takes, it can be helpful to know that loss is an inevitable feature of many life events and to view the ensuing grief as a natural part of the healing process.

Navigating Bereavement's Uncharted Emotions

The pain of losing someone close to us can feel so strong that it could never leave. Afterall, how do you fill the space your loved one filled, and surely there will always be a part of your life that will feel empty forever? Or it could be that someone has died that you are ‘supposed’ to have different feelings about, such as sadness and grief, but instead your feelings are complicated, maybe guilt, relief or even a release. 

Maybe you are grieving someone who died too soon, the circumstances surrounding their death were complicated, maybe sudden, and you find yourself processing not only the fact they are gone but why are they no longer here? The most important thing to remember about bereavement is that there is no set way to grieve, no time frame, no trajectory of emotions that you need to go through step by step, but rather grief is an individualised process which will take you through your emotions at an appropriate rate for you. 

I can help support you through that process with no pressure to say, or do the expected response but rather to accept (and of course acceptance isn’t always easy) the stage you are at, which will ultimately help you to move forward with more hope.  

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